Lettre du nouveau président de la FIPC

Kraków, 29 September 2009 

The Feast of the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. 



I give thee thanks, O Lord with my whole heart; before the gods I sing thy praise 

(Ps 138, Antiphon for the Holy Communion on the feast of the Holy Archangels) 



            Dear Pueri Cantores, Little singers of God’s Beauty, 

            The Conductors and Presidents of all FIPC choirs, 

            Dear those responsible for our family in all the countries,



I reckon enough time has passed since the Stockholm events of 11 July 2009 to have a look at them from due perspective. I still judge my appointment for the post of the President of our Federation as God’s sign to be taken by myself. As another challenge given by Jesus: Follow me … henceforth you will be catching men. As even a more solemn duty to follow God’s Voice, with greater courage and tenacity. Jesus asked me then: Do you truly love me more than these? And, believe me, I answered with trembling heart: Yes Lord, you know that I love thee. And I my ears were still sounding with the hymn sung by our Federation: Misericodrias Domini in aeternum cantabo. For I believe and want to believe further on in God’s Mercy, and that these four years ahead will be the time of spiritual growth for you all and for me. I am praying for this with my daily breviary and in the Eucharist.  Please, remember me, in your prayers. Let us be united with a prayer. Let us be united with Christian ideals. Let us be united with our feeling of identification with the Pueri Cantores family every single day. 

I am taking up the splendid work of my predecessors who presided over the Federation throughout all the years of its functioning: Fr. Ferdynard Maillet from France (1952-1963), Fr. Fiorenzo Romita from Italy (1963-1972), Fr. Joseph Roucairol from France (1972-1984), Siegfried Koesler from Germany (1984-1992), Wim Buys from Holland (1992-2000) and Josep Ma. Torrents from Catalonia (2000-2009). I would like to thank each of them for their generosity, high-mindedness and devoted service to Pueri Cantores. It is their faith and hope that the future of our Federation has been built on. It is them we should give the credit for the fact that our Federation is commonly known and respected worldwide. Our community has certain significance and responsibilities, it also has its clearly established plan of inner life development and it is the work of many generations of Pueri Cantores. I wish I would live up to everything they have paved and created. Therefore I ask you at the very beginning of my service, let it be our mutual care, our mutual work and duty. For the legacy of our Federation – its past, present, but also its future – has been given to us and commended. It is us, our beautiful singing, our love attitude towards people living close and farther from us, our perseverance in developing our talents and inner life, that the future of our Federation and how it will be perceived all depend on. It is our evangelical approach. It is our maintaining the ideals to have been the beacon for the Pueri Cantores founders, and carrying them onto next generations of Pueri Cantores, in today’s world, where we live, where we are. 

There are many works ahead to be done. Let me mention just a few of them. We are all preparing for the XXXVI International Congress to be held at the turn of 2010 and 2011 in Rome under the papal guidance of His Holiness Benedict XVI. Only today do we look forward to this meeting with today’s Peter and to deepening our faith and the belief that what we do every day during rehearsals and while preparing liturgy and concerts is the right thing. A special guide of the meeting in Rome will be the patron saint of our Federation, St. Dominic Savio. Please, familiarise with him, with his biography and life experiences. Let us pray to God through his intercession: Lord, strengthen our faith. 

Another mutual work of our family will be caring for the life of spirit in ourselves. The Presidents of our Federations, while meeting in Kraków in August this year, presented in their speeches the current situations of each Federation, sharing their own experience. It was a real waft of the Holy Spirit when we all could follow closely what each of us experience daily in our work. We were speaking various languages and of different experience, yet we all perfectly understood one another. We understood everything for we were all using the common language of love, respect and unity. Everything we shared and listened to will be taken into further consideration as a base for creating a coherent programme of spiritual development of Pueri Cantores worldwide. We live on different continents and in various countries, our experience of good and evil varies, too, still we are united with one faith, one baptism, one Lord (Eph 4), and we are allied strongly by music which becomes an instrument of peace, unity and love in the world. Through music do we become the messengers of Beauty, which is God himself. It is all in us. It is our strength and our duty. 

These events of our Federation community are accompanied with, perhaps even more important, your individual celebrations. The celebrations of each choir, each person who identifies themselves with the Pueri Cantores family. For it is you yourselves who create our community. Its each member is equally important, regardless of age group, music skills or spiritual progress. For we are all one big family and community. And the most essential thing is what happens to you. It is essential when we give solemn performances, but also when we carry our distinctive sign, that is, the Pueri Cantores emblem. It is the emblem with the crosses. A big cross against the red background which reminds us of God’s love towards man, and in the middle our small crosses of each of us. It is a sign of our identification and unity with our Pueri Cantores family. It is our distinguishing sign! And we are never ashamed of it! 

Just as I communicated in my programme before the election, I am going to pay a visit to each of you. It is my great desire to see you in your own surroundings, and during those visits to familiarise with concrete evidence of your daily life. I would like to listen to and hear God’s grace acting in your hearts, to see this shadow of God who has left his token in you. I would like to visit you while rehearsing and say on Jesus Christ’s behalf: thank you for your good words, splendid thoughts, for your hands which help other people seek everyday love. I am convinced that your work is the extension of His Gospel in today’s world. Please, inform me of your problems and concerns. For your matters – joys and worries – are also mine. May the bond of unity and prayer never be loosened between us. And when you invite me to visit you at your places, I will eagerly arrive in person, so as to experience with you the joy of our faith, so as to sing with you during liturgy and participate in your concerts. I am looking forward to meeting each of you live. I also want to tell your priests and bishops about the importance of your mission for the Common Church and that you are these peculiar messengers of peace and unity. That is why I view meeting your shepherds as equally important. For they take responsibility, before God, for you in your surroundings. 

I request that you pray for our Federation to expand. Be its apostles searching for new choirs to join our family. I believe recently taken actions to establish new Federations in Mexico, Venezuela, Hungary, Slovenia and the countries of the Eastern Europe and Asia will bear fruit. It is here in Lugano, where I started this letter, that I met the choirs from Jerusalem, the Holy Land. As we know the war is currently in progress there. And people living in this area desperately want to feel unity with us. I viewed this encounter as a clear sign from God that we also can give them loads of hope and unity of faith. I am so much pleased that they will soon become the correspondents of our Federation, and who knows, maybe in the future, they will create their own one. 

Our Federation has its significant place in the world. We are the messengers of peace and hope. The fact that we can carry this hope and God’s Peace to others means that we fully realise the Gospel. Please, search for new choirs and new choristers. May our family grow in number. For only in such a way will we be able to preach audibly and in unity God’s Peace for the world which is still divided, tattered with wars, conflicts and unrest. Let us start just now, for now is the time of God acting in us and through us. Let Fr. Maillet’s saying tomorrow all children of the world will sing out God’s peace… be realised. For it is today when we are these children and youth of the world who are to sing of God’s peace. For through us God wants to act today. And it is us who are to become the instruments of His peace. 

I carry you all in my heart. Every day I pray before God asking him: Lord, bestow your  faith and hope upon our Pueri Cantores family. 


Fr. Robert Tyrała PhD 

President of FIPC 

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